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Dissemination and Showcasing of CSIR Rural Technologies

During the Tenth Five Year Plan, CSIR has reoriented its efforts towards rural development activities for enabling rural communities in the context of a demand driven approach and brought out a program called “Rural Action Program” (RAP). AMPRI (the then Regional Research Laboratory) Bhopal was given the responsibility of publication of Journal of Rural Technology, publication of a draft plan on CSIR rural development and establishment of a rural gallery for showcasing the successful CSIR rural technologies.

A Rural Gallery named “Saranjamshala” has been established at AMPRI, Bhopal for showcasing prominent rural technologies of CSIR for their effective outreach. Models, exhibits, products and other information related to CSIR rural technologies have been displayed in five theme showcases namely Natural Fibres; Leather, Glass and Ceramics; Food Technologies; Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, and fourteen individual laboratory showcases. The gallery is a permanent showcase of CSIR Rural Technologies to depict the success stories of rural development and is continuously visited by NGOs, KVKs, Rural Artisans, Entrepreneurs’ etc.  The institute is continuing the CSIR Rural Technology Dissemination efforts in the Eleventh Five Year Plan  in terms of organizing workshops/awareness/training programs, development of a dedicated dynamic website, and arranging visits to the CSIR Rural Gallery.