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Sisal Fibre Based Products and Composites


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AMPRI has been extensively working in the area of natural fibre based building materials. The objective is to find out environment friendly and/or cost effective substitutes to save wood and replace carcinogenic asbestos fibres in roofing sheets etc. In addition, the use of the natural fibres as geotextiles has also been explored while they also have the potential for use in automobile as ecofriendly materials. Basically sisal and jute fibres have been investigated in this study.  Main focus of attention has been sisal based fibres since this xerophytic plant grows abundantly in most of the agro-ecological regions and the fibres have excellent physical and mechanical properties. Activities on sisal fibres include the development of a methodology and device to mechanically extract fibres from leaves, fibre treatment (as per necessity), characterization of relevant properties and preparation of materials/products.  A Natural Fibre Composite Development Centre has also been established at the Institute to cater the need of making composites using various natural fibres.


AMPRI has initiated concerted efforts for making sisal yarn and fabric resulting in the development of green technologies for engineering applications. The programme calls for yarn making, looming and knitting; composite making and a host of products ranging from handicrafts to engineering components. It also involves the establishment of facilities for the advanced and user-friendly inputs on sisal fibre based technologies for sustainable rural employment, income generation followed by imparting training to the entrepreneurs and rural masses. Main activities in this case involve technical guidance for sisal nursery raising and cultivation, development of improved methods of sisal fibre extraction for industrial applications, processing and characterization of sisal fibres for yarn making, development/ adoption of technologies for making sisal yarn and textile, development of building materials, instant house, geotextiles, buffing wheels etc., and imparting training of tribal and rural masses on different technologies for employment generation and rural development.


Sisal Fibre Flyash / Redmud Polymer Composites


Sisal Buffing Wheels

Buffing wheels are fabricated by small scale/cottage industries in India. Approximately one million pieces of 2-10 inch diameter cotton wheels are used in practice. The  prototype Sisal fibre buffing wheel developed by AMPRI buffs metallic surfaces faster, saves time and energy and offers better cutting/buffing action as compared to stripper cotton buffs.