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Al Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs)

The institute has been pursuing research activities in the area of MMCs, especially Al alloy composites, since its inception. Several dispersoids like graphite, SiC, zircon, flyash, alumina, have been attempted to incorporate in different Al alloys over the past. In this direction, composites containing graphite and SiC particles have been studied in detail. This includes material synthesis using vortex and in-situ techniques. In the case of the vortex technique, thermomechanical processing, characterization, and process & component development.


Brake drum

Brake drums for different vehicles have been fabricated by melting and casting technique using Al-Si alloy reinforced with 10 wt% SiC particles. The components were subjected initially to cold performance and fade tests using standard test procedure. The results indicated improved performance of the Al composite brakedrums in terms of higher braking efficiency and reduced frictional heating when compared with the conventionally used cast iron components. Subsequently, successful field trials were carried out under actual working conditions in a four wheeler (jeep) for more than two years with encouraging results in line with earlier test results. Presently, activities are in progress pertaining to the development of brakedrums for major automobile industries.


Speed (Km/hr)
Deceleration (m/sec2) Braking Efficiency (%) Improvement (%)

Composite Cast iron Composite Cast iron
3.87 3.17 39.40 32.30 22
3.92 3.13 39.90 31.90 25
3.83 3.03 39.00 30.90 26