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Mg Alloys

R & D work has been initiated in the area of synthesis and secondary processing of Mg alloys. Liquid metallurgy route using a fluxless melting technique has been adopted for the synthesizing the alloys. A specially designed electrical resistance melting furnace with a facility for the inflow and outflow of the protective atmosphere during melting has been employed for the purpose. The furnace can handle 30 kg of Mg at a time.  Attempts have been made to produce different Mg-alloys like AZ91, AZ31 etc. and subject them to rolling and extrusion using optimised process parameters.  The alloys have been analyzed for their microstructural features and mechanical properties. The effects of rolling variables such as bite angle, temperature, strain and strain rate have been investigated. Another aspect of the studies is modelling the process of material deformation for a few Mg alloys with the help of processing and microstructure maps.  Optimization of extrusion die profile and processing parameters like strain rate and temperature with the help of laboratory scale experimentation and FE simulation studies are envisaged to jointly lead to the development of a (process) model enabling safe deformation of the Mg alloys to fabricate good quality and defect free materials/components in actual practice.